Unite for Better


Friends, my heart is heavy over the news of the past few days. We can not stand by as folks normalize and defend horrible actions. We MUST hold folks accountable. Not just the accused but all who defend and look the other way. I know we are all busy. But NOW is the time to take a stand and DO OUR PART to elect representatives that we can be proud of. Not just on December 12th but next year and the year after and beyond. Please JOIN US.

Click here for a link of  actions this week that you can do to support Doug Jones (many you can do from the comfort of your own homes). Then JOIN US as we phonebank for the fabulous VOTE Felicia Stewart this Monday, 11/13. JOIN US Tuesday, 11/14 to write postcards to urge friends to vote for Doug Jones. JOIN US Tuesday, 12/5 as we march in the Homewood Christmas parade to stand up for what is right for our state and fellow Alabamians. We can do this together. Unite for better.

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